DSC is Dead

Hi PowerShell and DSC folks!

I wanted to share the PSConfEU session Michael and myself have recorded on DSC and Guest Configuration.

There will be a live Q&A on the Wednesday 3rd of June at 6PM CEST (9AM Pacific Time), so make sure you have watched and submit any further question. Tune-in as early as Tuesday 2nd of June 5PM CEST to watch the live Opening and Keynote with Tobias, Jeffrey Snover and Joey Aiello.

Here’s a quick table of content for this session:

  1. From PowerShell to DSC
  2. MOF parsing one-liner (Quick tip)
  3. DevOps and Infrastructure as Code
  4. Is DSC dead?
  5. Invoke-DscResource in PS5 & PS7
  6. The DSC Community
  7. Guest Configuration
  8. Azure Arc
  9. Conclusion

The main points we wanted to cover in this session are what the current situation was, answer some questions, and show you where the future might be. We know that if you’re following what the DSC Community and maybe joined one of our Community call, you must have heard a good chunk.

This is an attempt to address the questions we hear the most, regardless of your knowledge -or lack of- in the DSC technology, Configuration Management or Infrastructure as Code.

We wanted to clear up some misunderstanding, present the humans behind the DSC Community Committee, and explain how the technology may relate to your job and your future. You can read more details about the Origin Story online.

I hope that another time we will be able to introduce the DSC Community Maintainers, and show the awesome work they’re doing, and how you can help them!

If you still have unanswered questions, we would love to hear them. You’ll find us on the PowerShell slack or Discord, in the DSC channel.

Check our Help for more info.