2022-03-23 Notes


Quick update on activity

  • DscCommunity.org pipeline is fixed (using a workaround) - still waiting on the fix that makes us use the latest version of Hugo.

  • Upcoming talks to PS Summit NA and PSConfEU

  • Gael demo’d Sampler.DscPipeline

  • Jodi Boone, new Program Manager for Guest Configuration

  • Demo of Test-Kitchen

Do the community have any activity updates?

DSC resource modules that have been released recently

  • Releases
    • SharePointDsc v5.1.0
  • Preview releases
    • SharePointDsc v5.1.1-preview0001

Tooling modules that have been released recently

  • Releases
    • Sampler v0.112.2 (templates install GitVersion using dotnet tool install)

Community questions

See video for community questions that was raised.

Next Community Call

Next community call is on the 4th of May. Suggestions for talks are welcomed, we have Call for speakers open.