2019-05-08 Notes

Resources to be released

  • TBC


  • Topics or questions from the community (welcome at any point during the call)
  • Celebrating new maintainers:
    • Brian Wilhite –> xPendingReboot
    • Jason Patton –> xDnsServer
    • Nehru Ali –> xPendingReboot
    • Brian Wilhite –> xPendingReboot
    • Johan Ljunggren –> xSmbShare (this resource is being moved to ComputerManagementDsc)
    • Jason Ryberg –> xActiveDirectory, ActiveDirectoryCSDsc and xAzure
    • Mike Beggs –> NetworkingDsc and xDhcpServer
    • Ryan Christman –> xActiveDirectory
    • Jan-Hendrik Peters –> xActiveDirectory and xSCVMM
    • Chase Wilson –> xAzure and xFirefox
  • Waffle board will be closing, still looking into a replacement
  • Moving off gitter to PoshCode slack: the #dsc channel in either Slack or Discord. The form on the page http://slack.poshcode.org/ does not work, though there is a link in the text on that page that works. Joel has said that the form is meant to be removed.
  • New module submissions (if the module submission is not ready, the item is moved to next community call)
    • Office365Dsc