2019-06-19 Notes

Resources to be released

There are 7 modules on track for release on Wednesday June 26:

  • CertificateDsc
  • NetworkingDsc
  • PSDscResources
  • SharePointDsc
  • SqlServerDsc (BREAKING CHANGE)
  • xActiveDirectory
  • xDnsServer


  • Topics or questions from the community (welcome at any point during the call)

  • Ben Gelens not able to maintain xHyper-V anymore

  • DSC Community Logo

  • Waffle board has closed, Migrated to GitHub board, but not great

  • Talk to us on PoshCode slack: the #dsc channel in either Slack or Discord. The form on the page http://slack.poshcode.org/ does not work, though there is a link in the text on that page that works. Joel has said that the form is meant to be removed.

  • New module submissions (if the module submission is not ready, the item is moved to next community call)

    • Office365Dsc
    • UpdateServicesDsc