2019-07-31 Notes

The community call was recorded, you can listen here.


Resource Kit August 2019

See resources to be released below.

The logo will be published on https://dsccommunity.org with a license granting everyone to use it.

DSC Community Organization

Gael talked about the new organization (listen back to the recording when it is available, and you can read more about it here https://dsccommunity.org/community/)

DSC Community Committee

Read more about it here https://dsccommunity.org/community/committee/

Invoke-DscResource RFC

See the RFC here https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell-RFC/pull/214

Transfer of the repositories will be made in a way so that we keep the quality and still be secure, and will probably start with the move of UpdateServicesDsc.

DSC Community Website

Please see the new DSC Community website https://dsccommunity.org. Any contributions are welcome from the community; questions, help, blog articles, design changes, etc. Contribute here: https://github.com/dsccommunity/dsccommunity.org

Resources to be released

We are hoping we can release these by the end of next week.

  • ActiveDirectoryCSDsc - BREAKING CHANGES (will be PS5.0 and later)
  • ComputerManagementDsc
  • DFSDsc - (To get examples published)
  • SecurityPolicyDsc
  • SqlServerDsc
  • ActiveDirectoryDsc - BREAKING CHANGES (renamed from xActiveDirectory, plus other breaking changes if they are able to be merged in time)
  • StorageDsc
  • xBitlocker
  • xDnsServer
  • xPSDesiredStateConfiguration
  • xSCSMA
  • xWebAdministration
  • SharePointDsc (TBD)


These topics and more can be discussed again on the next community call, or discuss it in the Virtual PowerShell User Group #DSC channel. For information on how to join, see https://dsccommunity.org/community/contact/

Leaving PowerShell 4.0 support

It is not a problem leaving PowerShell 4.0 support. It is up to each maintainer if they want to leave PowerShell 4.0.

Automating releases

General consensus was that more frequent releases. Breaking Changes should be handled by semver. There was interest from the community to help build pipelines.