2022-02-16 Notes


Quick update on activity

  • DscCommunity.org pipeline is fixed (using a workaround) - still waiting on the fix that makes us use the latest version of Hugo.
  • Upcoming talks to PS Summit NA and PSConfEU
  • Gael demo’d Sampler.DscPipeline

DSC resource modules that have been released recently

  • Releases
    • SChannelDsc v1.3.0
    • ConfigMgrCBDsc v3.0.0
    • SharePointDsc v5.0.0
  • Preview releases
    • SqlServerDsc v16.0.0-preview0003
    • SharePointDsc v5.1.0-preview0003

Tooling modules that have been released recently

  • Releases
    • Sampler v0.112.1
    • Sampler.GitHubTasks v0.3.4
    • DscResource.DocGenerator v0.10.3
  • Preview releases
    • Sampler v0.112.2-preview0001
    • Sampler.GitHubTasks v0.3.5-preview0001

Community questions

See video for community questions that was raised.

Next Community Call

Next community call is on the 23th of March. Suggestions for talks are welcomed.