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The #DSC Channel

The community gathers in the Virtual PowerShell User Group #DSC channel, which is an open & instant messaging chat room for all DSC related questions, discussions, and collaboration.

The PowerShell channels are bridged between Discord and Slack, so you can use either service, via the apps or websites.

The Virtual PowerShell User Group contains more than just the #DSC channel: there are also channels covering topics related to PowerShell, DevOps as well as many other and practices and technologies, so you may also join them too.

You can read more about the Virtual PowerShell User Group and how to connect at the site The buttons below are two of the most popular ways to connect.

Tagging a specific user so they get notified works best in the app that the user uses. Most maintainers and committee members have joined through Slack.

If the links do not work then may have new updated links. So check for the latest link over there.


Join through: Join Slack


Join through: Join Slack


You can also find announcements and news around the DSC community on the twitter account @dsccommunity.