2022-10-19 Notes



Community Presentation

  • Constantin Hager: Azure Automation DSC and the Azure VM DSC Extension. How do they work together?

In this presentation you will see how to deploy Azure Automation State configuration (DSC). We will deploy DSC Configurations and assign them to Azure VMs . I will also show how you can deploy a DSC Configuration without Azure Automation State Configuration (DSC).

Everything will all happen with Azure DevOps and a CI / CD Process.

Quick update on activity

DSC resource modules that have been released recently

  • Releases
    • WebAdministrationDsc v4.0.0 (Removed ‘x’. Thanks PowerShell team for transferring the package to DSC Community!)
  • Preview
    • ConfigMgrCBDsc v3.1.0-preview0002

Tooling modules that have been released recently

  • Releases
    • Sampler.DscPipeline v0.2.0-preview0003