Ownership of DSC Resources

Goal and purpose


Previously owned by the DSC Team, and more specifically by Katie, the DSC Resources are now owned by the DSC Community: a collective of Open Source maintainers getting together to improve the Resources, their quality and the practices around DSC.

The main purpose is to handle better the increased community contributions, and remove hindrance to improvements by spreading the load on a Committee, and giving more privileges to the maintainers.


Initially, when DSC was new and the DSC Resource kit relatively small, it was possible for the DSC Team at Microsoft to handle the maintenance and releases of the DSC Resources part of the DSC Resource Kit.

However, the community has outgrown the capacity of the DSC team, while the latter is taking on more work with the new Azure Guest Configuration.

The DSC Resources from the Resource Kit that were hosted under the PowerShell Team GitHub organization did not allow for external (non-Microsoft) contributors to be members of the organization, or given extra permissions besides the permissions external collaborators were allowed.

Committee and Teams

By creating a new DSC Community GitHub organization outside of Microsoft’s ownership, the DSC Community will be steered by the DSC Community committee where its members—including people not employed by Microsoft—have full control over the GitHub Organization.

For now, the committee is composed of Katie, Daniel & Johan, long time contributors and driving force of the DSC Resource Kit. This is formalizing what has already been happening for the last couple of years within the DSC Resource Kit community.

A further benefit of having a DSC Community GitHub organization is that we may create teams, such as the Committee team and the Maintainer Team, that can be @mentioned in issues or discussions as well as recieve permissions to add someone from that team to manage the members.