Next Community Call 2022-09-07

Next call will be on Wednesday, September 7th, at 12 PM PST

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Conference ID: 503 431 76#


Topics or questions from the community (welcome at any point during the call)

We are also available on the Virtual PowerShell User Group #DSC channel. For information on how to join, see

Want to submit a question to discuss during the call so others can prepare? Just submit a Pull request to this file!


Community Presentation

  • Gael Colas will try to present something.

Quick update on activity

DSC resource modules that have been released recently

  • Releases
    • xHyper-V v3.18.0 (deprecated - move to HyperVDsc)
    • xWebAdministration v3.3.0 (deprecated - move to WebAdministrationDsc)
    • NetworkingDsc v9.0.0
    • xFailOverCluster v1.16.1 (deprecated - move to FailoverClusterDsc)
    • FailoverClusterDsc v2.1.0
    • SChannelDsc v1.4.0
    • SharePointDsc v5.2.0
    • xDhcpServer v3.1.0
    • ActiveDirectoryDsc v6.2.0
    • xRemoteDesktopSessionHost v2.1.0
    • SqlServerDsc v16.0.0 (now using Pester 5 in the pipeline, and also a few class-based resources)
  • Preview releases
    • UpdateServicesDsc v1.3.0-preview0002
    • HyperVDsc v4.0.0-preview0004
    • FailoverClusterDsc v2.0.1-preview0003
    • ComputerManagementDsc v8.6.0-preview0002
    • ActiveDirectoryDsc v6.3.0-preview0002
    • xExchange v1.33.1-preview0001
    • JeaDsc v4.0.0-preview0003
    • ConfigMgrCBDsc v3.0.1-preview0001
    • FailoverClusterDsc v2.1.1-preview0001

Tooling modules that have been released recently

  • Releases
    • Sampler v0.115.0 (First full release in a while)
      • New tasks for creating git tag, and creating changelog branch
    • Sampler.AzureDevOpsTasks v0.1.1
      • Task for creating a PR from a source branch (for Azure Repos)
    • DscResource.DocGenerator v0.11.1
      • Various bug fixes, and most notable it is now possible to use property BuiltModuleSubdirectory with the Sampler pipeline (it was the last one that needed to be fixed).
    • DscResource.Test v0.16.1
      • Fix so that if Pester 5 testing fails on discovery, pipeline fails.
    • DscResource.Common v0.11.1
  • Preview releases
    • Sampler v0.116.0-preview0003
    • Sampler.GitHubTasks v0.3.5-preview0002
    • Sampler.DscPipeline v0.2.0-preview0002
    • DscResource.Test v0.16.2-preview0001

Community questions

Submit your questions, or raise them directly in the call.

Next Community Call

Next community call is on the 4th of May. Suggestions for talks are welcomed, we have Call for speakers open.