2019-10-23 Notes

How to join


The recording of the community call, with the result of the DSC Survey is available on YouTube:


  • Quick intro of automation as introduced during last call I’ve done a video since to show the basic template automation

  • Shared results of DSC survey (watch the video for details)

  • More maintainers for the DSC resources needed? We agreed we needed to be more active in our search for maintainers, but we also need to make the “Contributor Funnel” more attractive and working. It also needs a bit of time.

    Action Item:

    • blog about “How to become a maintainer of a resource”
    • Incentivize reviewing other’s PRs

Resources released

  • ActiveDirectoryDsc
  • ComputerManagementDsc (new resource SmbServerConfiguration)
  • StorageDsc
  • xDSCResourceDesigner
  • xDnsServer
  • xExchange (new resource xExchAcceptedDomain)
  • xHyper-V
  • xWebAdministration (BREAKING CHANGE: xWebAppPoolDefaults, xWebSiteDefaults)


Topics or questions from the community (welcome at any point during the call)

Talk to us on Virtual PowerShell User Group #DSC channel. For information on how to join, see https://dsccommunity.org/community/contact/