2021-01-27 Notes



Quick update on activity

Move to new pipeline

Currently active repositories have moved to the new pipeline. Holding off on the rest of the repositories, migrating as needed.

Rename default branch

Work in progress to rename default branch to main. See blog post Steps to rename master branch to main for a DSC Community resource how to update the pipeline to support the rename.

Finished so far:

  • SqlServerDsc
  • FileSystemDsc
  • xFailOverCluster
  • xWebAdministration
  • ActiveDirectoryDsc
  • FSRMDsc
  • iSCSIDsc
  • DFSDsc
  • FileContentDsc
  • StorageDsc
  • WSManDsc
  • xPSDesiredStateConfiguration
  • CertificateDsc
  • ActiveDirectoryCSDsc
  • DscResource.Common
  • DscResource.DocGenerator

Moving repositories

Moving last repositories (including deprecated) from PowerShell Team GitHub organization to DSC Community GitHub organization.

  • PowerShell/SystemLocaleDsc
  • PowerShell/WmiNamespaceSecurityDsc
  • PowerShell/xAzureStorage
  • PowerShell/xDefender
  • PowerShell/xJea
  • PowerShell/xPendingReboot
  • PowerShell/xPowershellExecutionPolicy
  • PowerShell/xRemoteDesktopAdmin
  • PowerShell/xSmbShare
  • PowerShell/xSqlPs
  • PowerShell/xTimezone
  • PowerShell/xWinEventlog

DSC resource modules that have been released recently

  • Releases
    • SqlServerDsc v15.0.1
    • xDhcpServer v3.0.0
  • Preview releases (many due to renaming the default branch)
    • NetworkingDsc v8.2.1-preview0001
    • SqlServerDsc v15.0.2-preview0002
    • xFailOverCluster v1.15.0-preview0003
    • DFSDsc v4.4.0-preview0002
    • FileContentDsc v2.0.0-preview0003
    • WSManDsc v3.2.0-preview0003
    • xPSDesiredStateConfiguration v9.2.0-preview0002
    • StorageDsc v5.0.2-preview0001
    • ActiveDirectoryCSDsc v5.0.1-preview0002
    • FileSystemDsc v1.2.0-preview0001
    • CertificateDsc v5.0.1-preview0001
    • xWebAdministration v3.2.1-preview0002
    • ConfigMgrCBDsc v0.2.0-preview0034
    • iSCSIDsc v2.0.0-preview0003
    • FSRMDsc 2.5.1-preview0002

Tooling modules that have been released recently

Make sure to update to the new pipeline files in the new Sampler release if not done so for a long while. It is required to rename the default branch.

  • Releases
    • DscResource.DocGenerator v0.7.2
    • DscResource.Test v0.14.3
    • DscResource.Common v0.10.1
    • Sampler v0.109.2 (update repos to new pipeline files!)
  • Preview releases
    • DscResource.DocGenerator v0.7.3-preview0001
    • DscResource.Common v0.10.2-preview0001