2020-04-08 Notes

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  1. Quick update on activity
  2. Presentation by Raimund Andre: Less code in resource with Test-DscParameterState
  • Migration to Continuous Delivery Process:

    • Completed since last call

      • OfficeOnlineServerDsc
      • xDhcpServer
      • xHyper-V
      • xDnsServer
    • Completed

      • xSystemSecurity
      • ComputerManagementDsc
      • ActiveDirectoryDsc
      • NetworkingDsc
      • SharePointDsc
      • SQLServerDsc
      • WSManDsc
      • xFailOverCluster
      • xPSDesiredStateConfiguration
      • xWebAdministration
      • GPRegistryPolicyDsc
      • UpdateServicesDsc
      • ActiveDirectoryCSDsc
      • xExchange
      • OfficeOnlineServerDsc
    • In progress:

      • Others?
  • These repositories have moved under DSC Community.

  • Raimund Andree presents: Test-DscParameterState

    • Some resources have a huge overlap in Test() and Get() which is a pain for maintenance and testing. The SharePointDsc resource was the first that started with a generic way to compare the current with the desired state. This pattern has been extended and covers almost any type now: string, int, scriptblock, hashtable, CimInstance and PSCredential. Want to do a reverse check as well or handle sorting? Then let’s have a look at Test-DscParameterState.
  • Feel free to send a PR to this file if there’s something you’d like to be added to the agenda (or just ask during the call)

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