2023-01-11 Notes



Community presentation

“Microsoft365DSC is a DSC module like any other, or is it?" presented by Yorick Kuijs.

How is Microsoft365DSC different compared to “normal” DSC modules? What challenges did we have to overcome? And how we made it even more awesome!

DSC resource modules that have been released recently

  • Releases
    • WebAdministrationDsc v4.1.0
  • Preview
    • SqlServerDsc v16.1.0-preview0008 - A lot of cleanup of existing code since last time, been in preview since last Community Call, we should release
    • CertificateDsc v6.0.0-preview0001 - BREAKING CHANGE in CertReq, FriendlyName is now mandatory (Thanks to @uw-dc)
    • ComputerManagementDsc v9.0.0-preview001 - BREAKING CHANGE: Requires WMF 5.0 since we added first class-based resource PSResourceRepository (Thanks to @nickgw)
    • xRemoteDesktopSessionHost v2.1.1-preview0001 - New resource xRDConnectionBrokerHAMode that is used to configure HA mode on connection broker (Thanks to @nyanhp)

Tooling modules that have been released recently

  • Releases
    • DscResource.DocGenerator v0.11.2 - Fixes a edge case bug for class-based resources.
    • DscResource.Base v1.0.0 - Helps in (an opinionated way) development of class-based resources (used by SqlServerDsc, and hopefully soon ComputerManagementDsc)
    • DscResource.Common v0.14.0 - Added various new commands that can be used for class-based DSC resources (used by ComputerManagementDsc and SqlServerDsc)
  • Preview
    • None.