2022-11-30 Notes



  • Floor is open for the community - questions or if someone want to show something

DSC resource modules that have been released recently

  • Releases
    • SharePointDsc v5.3.0 (support SharePoint subscription Edition)
    • xCredSSP 1.4.0 (moved to new pipeline to solve semantic versioning)
  • Preview
    • WebAdministrationDsc v4.1.0-preview0001 (fix bug that broke WebApplication after module rename)
    • ComputerManagementDsc v8.6.0-preview0004 (Computer now handles joining to domain when computer account already exist)
    • SqlServerDsc v16.1.0-preview0002 (Almost support SQL Server 2022 - module SqlServer breaks some resources)

Tooling modules that have been released recently