2021-04-21 Notes



Quick update on activity

Updated blog post on how to enable code coverage for built-modules. https://dsccommunity.org/blog/add-codecov-support-to-repository/

DSC resource modules that have been released recently

  • Releases
    • xFailOverCluster 1.16.0
    • xDnsServer 2.0.0 (DEPRECATED -> Move to DnsServerDsc v3.0.0 once released)
    • SharePointDsc v4.6.0
  • Preview releases (many due to adding support for code coverage)
    • SharePointDsc v4.6.1-preview0003
    • StorageDsc v5.1.0-preview0001
    • ComputerManagementDsc v8.5.0-preview0001
    • xPSDesiredStateConfiguration v9.2.0-preview0004
    • SqlServerDsc v15.2.0-preview0002
    • DFSDsc v4.5.0-preview0001
    • WSManDsc v3.2.0-preview0004
    • ActiveDirectoryCSDsc v5.1.0-preview0001
    • CertificateDsc v5.1.1-preview0001
    • NetworkingDsc v8.3.0-preview0003

Tooling modules that have been released recently

Make sure to update to the new pipeline files in the new Sampler release if not done so for a long while. It is required to rename the default branch.

  • Releases
    • DscResource.DocGenerator v0.8.3
    • DscResource.Common 0.10.2
    • DscResource.Test 0.15.1
    • Sampler v0.110.1
  • Preview releases
    • Sampler v0.111.0-preview0002

Next Community Call

Next community call is on the 2nd of June. Suggestions for talks are welcomed.