To be maintainer you must have 2FA enabled on accounts that give you access to DSC Community resources, for example your GitHub account and the account that access DSC Community Azure DevOps organization.

Breaking Changes

See Breaking Changes


Not yet written.

Merging code

Only merge code that passes status checks, have been reviewed, and where all the review comments have be resolved and approved.

As a maintainer you are allowed to review and merge your own code. Minimum time before you as a maintainer may merge your own code is 24 hours, but it is recommended that the code is merged after 72 hours so the community has a chance to comment on the changes. Any pull request that fixes issues in a broken CI pipeline can be merged faster to unblock other pull requests. A pull request that fixes security issues is also exempted. It is recommended to use the label high priority to flag pull requests that have to be merged before the minimum 24 hour time frame.

Skip raising version

It is possible to tell the CI build pipeline (GitVersion) to not raise the version when merging a pull request, e.g. when updating the after a release. When merging the pull request just enter +semver:skip preferably in the commit description, but also works in the commit message.

Skip CI on merge

It is possible to skip running the CI pipeline when merging a pull request, e.g. updating the after a release. When merging the pull request just enter [skip ci] preferably in the commit description, but also works in the commit message.

Read more in Skipping CI for individual commits.

Do not add [skip ci] to a PR title, then the status checks will not run.


For each merge to the branch master there will be a prerelease automatically released (continuous delivery).

The version is automatically calculated in the CI pipeline based on the commit history since the previous release. The calculation is done by GitVersion and each repository has a file GitVersion.yml that controls how this calculation is performed.

The CI pipeline will create a tag in the format vX.Y.Z-previewXXXX, e.g v5.0.0-preview0001, and the prerelease to the PowerShell Gallery will have the format X.Y.Z-previewXXXX, e.g. 5.0.0-preview0001. Any consequent merges to master will make a new preview release which will be named for example 5.0.0-preview0002 and so on.

NOTE: There are an issue with module ModuleBuilder v1.0.0 and higher when using semantic version preview strings that uses a dash, e.g. fix0008-9. The string is compliant with SemVer 2.0 but there is a bug in Publish-Module that prevents the module to be released.


Once the next full version should be deployed, do these steps to push a new release version tag. Important to have the correct format vX.Y.Z, e.g. v1.14.1.

Assuming ‘origin’ is the remote name pointing the upstream repository, if not then change appropriately.

# Make sure to get the latest history, use rebase to retain the linear
# commit history.
git checkout master
git fetch origin master
git rebase origin/master

git fetch origin --tags # Fetch all tags from upstream master branch
git describe --tags # To see the the latest tag, e.g. vX.Y.Z-preview0002
git tag vX.Y.Z # Creates the new version tag locally.
git push origin --tags # Push the new tag that was created locally

Avoid using git pull --tags as it also will merge (not rebase) any changes from upstream (unless already rebased). Using git pull will not retain the linear commit history.

NOTE: You could also tag a specific commit if not all commits should be released.

Update the list of resource modules

After a new resource module has been released or deprecated, please update the list of resource modules to include it on the site

See the section Resource modules to learn how to update the list of resource modules.

Running the task pack locally

If the task pack┬┤ is run locally, e.g. ┬┤.\build.ps1 -Task pack, then nuget.exe must be updated so that it is not outdated. If it is outdated you can run into the issue PowerShell/PowerShellGet#295.

To update run the following:

# Non-admin
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -OutFile "$env:LOCALAPPDATA\Microsoft\Windows\PowerShell\PowerShellGet\NuGet.exe"

# Admin
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -OutFile "$env:ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\PowerShell\PowerShellGet\NuGet.exe"


Labels are used in the issue and pull request workflows to show the current state.

These are the labels currently used by the resource modules in DSC Community. Some of these labels are meant to be used with future automation.

The script DscResourceKit-Labels that is provided by the community can be used to update the labels in a repository.

These are also set as the default organization labels so that new repositories that are created they will automatically get these labels.

Label Description Color Hex Area of usage
abandoned The pull request has been abandoned. #ffffff White PR
blocking release The issue or pull request is blocking the next release. Higher priority than label ‘High priority’. #800000 Dark red Issue, PR
breaking change When used on an issue, the issue has been found to be a breaking change. #ff9900 Orange Issue, PR
bug The issue is a bug. #ee0701 Red Issue
by design The issue is describing an expect behavior. #ffffff White Issue
closed by author The issue or pull request was closed by the author. #ffffff White Issue, PR
discussion The issue is a discussion. #993399 Purple Issue
documentation The issue is related to documentation only. #c5def5 Lighter blue Issue
duplicate The issue or PR is the duplicate of another. #ffffff White Issue, PR
good first issue The issue should be easier to fix and can be taken up by a beginner to learn to contribute on GitHub #5319e7 Purple Issue
enhancement The issue is an enhancement request. #84b6eb Light blue Issue
external The issue cannot be resolved within the DSC Resource Kit. #ffffff White Issue
help wanted The issue is up for grabs for anyone in the community. #128A0C Green Issue
high priority The issue or PR should be resolved first. It is of less priority than the label ‘Blocking Release’. #ffcc99 Light orange Issue, PR
in progress The issue is being actively worked on by someone. #99ffcc Turquoise Issue
needs investigation The issue needs to be investigated by the maintainers or/and the community. #ffff99 Yellow Issue
needs more information The issue needs more information from the author or the community. #ffff99 Yellow Issue
needs review The pull request needs a code review. #99ff33 Lime green PR
not fixed The issue was closed without being fixed. #ffffff White Issue
on hold The issue or pull request has been put on hold by a maintainer. #1e1e7b Dark blue Issue, PR
question The issue is a question. #cc317c Dark pink Issue
ready for merge The pull request was approved by the community and is ready to be merged by a maintainer. #215e82 Dark cyan PR
resolved in dev A fix has been merged into the dev-branch but the issue is still open and awaits next release. #215e82 Dark cyan Issue
resource proposal The issue is proposing a new resource in the resource module. #fbca04 Dark yellow Issue
stale The issue was marked as stale because there has not been activity from the community. #cccccc Grey Issues
tests The issue or pull request is about tests only. #c5def5 Lighter blue Issue, PR
updated by author The author last updated the pull request. #e3f1dA Lighter Green PR
waiting for author response The pull request is waiting for the author to respond to comments in the pull request. #ffff99 Yellow PR
waiting for code fix A review left open comments, and the pull request is waiting for changes to be pushed by the author. #ffff99 Yellow PR
Linux This targets Linux platform-family. #221A3e Heavy Blue Dark Issue, PR
macOS This targets macOS platform-family. #221A3e Heavy Blue Dark Issue, PR
Windows This targets Windows platform-family. #221A3e Heavy Blue Dark Issue, PR