Markdown Files

Line length not longer than 80 characters

Rows longer than 80 characters should be split into multiple lines where appropriate. This helps make it easier for reviewers to make review comments and for the contributors to see where the requested changes are (without scrolling). It is also easier to see the lines in split view mode when the lines don’t wrap on the screen. It will also improve the readability when using git diff.


To help with this it is suggested to add tools to help see when I line is starting to get to long.

Visual Studio Code

In the Visual Studio Code it is possible to install the extension markdownlint and then add a markdownlint settings file .markdownlint.json file to the root of the repository.

    "MD013": {
        "line_length": 80,
        "headers": false,
        "tables": false

In addition to this, or instead of, it is possible to add rulers in Visual Studio Code that will help guide where the line should best be split. This is could be added to the workspace settings.json file.

    "[markdown]": {
        "editor.rulers": [