2020-01-22 Notes

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  • Welcome to New Community Committee Member.

  • What to do if a PR doesn’t get reviewed in a reasonable time frame?

    • Minimum time before a maintainer may merge a PR without a review is 24 hours.
    • Recommended time to wait before maintainer can merge a PR without a review is 72 hours.
    • PRs to fix broken pipelines or high risk security issues are exempt.
    • Potential to use High Priority label to flag PRs that have to be merged before 24 hour time frame.
  • Migration to Continuous Delivery Process:

    • Updated documentation/blog posts.
    • Completed?
      • ActiveDirectoryDsc
      • NetworkingDsc
      • SharePointDsc
      • SQLServerDsc
      • WSManDsc
      • xFailOverCluster
      • xPSDesiredStateConfiguration
      • xWebAdministration
      • GPRegistryPolicyDsc
    • In progress:
      • ComputerManagementDsc
      • xExchange

Resources that have been released recently

  • ActiveDirectoryDsc: 5.0.0
  • SQLServer: v13.3.0
  • WSManDsc: v3.1.0
  • xFailOverCluster: v1.14.0, v1.14.1
  • xPSDesiredStateConfiguration: v9.0.0
  • xWebAdministration: v3.1.1


Topics or questions from the community (welcome at any point during the call)

Talk to us on Virtual PowerShell User Group #DSC channel. For information on how to join, see https://dsccommunity.org/community/contact/